...who knew I would be here on my own website...

I sent out my first orders today and to say the least, this is a learning curve. I absolutely LOVE the anxiety I felt while placing hats, shirts, stickers, tissue paper, shipping labels, and my whole heart into boxes to ship. I suffer from anxiety, and this type that gives me the butterflies up to my throat, is the type I would enjoy to have more often...for that, THANK YOU! I am just taking in the hype of such a new, exciting step for me in life...who knew I would be here on my own website less than a year before even receiving my first prosthetic leg?!! Take your tragedies and learn, grow, become more than you ever dreamed...its the only way to continue on when life gets sh*tty. 

Never ever allow yourself to settle for less than shining. 


<3 Kenz

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