My goals are big, but my heart is bigger.


This has been an adventure to say the least. I am so determined to share my energy of Shit'llBuff, but I am not an expert on creating a place to do so efficiently. With my stump being extremely painful since my most recent surgery, I have used my time to explore...and this is what I have come up with to start. Starting is the hardest part, right? I have had many people helping me with creating my brand and I could never thank them enough. Hoping they know this is the very beginning of a wild ride ;). 

My ultimate goal is to someday raise enough money sharing my brand and story to donate funds. The funds will go to helping people like me, that went through a traumatic experience that resulted in the loss of a limb/limbs. 

My goals are big, but my heart is bigger. I have this ultimate burning to spread my energy around the world...I simply just need help from my friends. <3 


MaKenzie Kori 

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